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PhoenixFAB Charitable Causes

"To Be Of Service To Others Is The Greatest Testament Of Ones Character"


Each of us, whether in business or as an individual, have a duty and responsibility to make a positive impact in the lives of others. This positive impact has the power to help transform someones life. When we find our purpose we are responsible for reaching back and lifting up someone else so that they may in turn find their purpose. This cycle must continue if we are to be a purposeful people, have a purposeful community and ultimately live in a purposeful society. The bible says "To whom much is given, much is required". Therefore, we are required to be of service to our fellow man, woman, and child.


Phoenix Fitness Apparel Boutique is committed to doing our part by giving back to our community. As our boutique continues to grow, so will our philanthropy efforts. Our mission is to help inspire, encourage, and provide support for individuals, families and organizations. Life is full of adversity and PhoenixFAB wants to be the light that shines in the face of that adversity, transforming lives and helping individuals find their purpose. 

Our Charitable Organizations

Project Birthday

Christmas For The Homeless

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